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Helping People. Changing Lives.

Representative Payee Services

We provide representative payee services and financial management assistance. We help all who are experiencing financial obstacles, including those with disabilities, low income, or receiving Social Security/Veterans benefits.

Blue Water Community Action Financial Management and Third Party/Representative Payee Services offers professional and courteous services in the following areas:

  • Monthly Budget Development
  • Prompt and Timely Payment of Expenses
  • Debt Payment Plans
  • Providing Personal Expense Money

money management billsDetailed records of all transactions and completion of all required paperwork for government reporting will be maintained for all clients. Our employees are professionals with education and experience in the field of financial management.

Blue Water Community Action Payee Services is able to provide professional and courteous service because of the creativity, training and dedication of our staff to the people we serve. We have a strong commitment to improve the financial lives of all the individuals that we serve. Financial advice and planning will also be offered to clients. All services will require a fee.

Mission of Community Services Financial Management Services

The mission of the Community Service Financial Management Services is to provide professional representative payee services and financial management assistance to people who have low income, disabilities, those receiving Social Security or Veterans benefits, and are experiencing financial obstacles.s

How This Service Helps You

The Representative Payee Service is provided for individuals receiving Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income that are required to have a representative payee, as well as, those individuals and families interested in having a representative payee that do not receive governmental income.

Staff will:

  • Develop a budget for the client
  • Disburse funds for personal needs
  • Make necessary payments for housing and utility costs
  • Advise clients on expenses
  • Assist with tax preparation
  • Make necessary referrals for other community agencies
  • Advise clients on donations
  • Advise clients about the effects of payday advances and check cashing companies